Mobile Seed Cleaning

In addition to our fixed seed plant we operate three mobile seed cleaners. The latest unit was built and delivered in 2018. This new machine bridges the gap between our largest high capacity machine mounted on an articulated trailer, and our smaller machine which remains highly functional for smaller parcels; particularly oil seeds.

All our machines are fitted with screen cleaners to remove admixture or undersized seed. Once the seed has passed through the screens it flows into a gravity separator which separates and removes the lighter or damaged seeds, leaving the highest specific weight to continue to our treater and finally into half tonne or one tonne bags.

Both the new and articulated machines are equipped de-awners which can help remove husk, beards, and dissipate clumps of seed. Our new high capacity mobile is also regularly used for bulk cleaning of grain on farm to improve quality. For example, this could be used to improve specific weight, Hagberg falling number, or admixture removal.

We can also apply insecticidal grain treatments to manage and remove grain pests.

Please email Fred Denne or Andrew Bourne, or call 01233 720871 to discuss your requirements.

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