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Sustainably Grown Native Wildflower Seeds

Our native wildflower seeds are predominately harvested from meadow fields across the North Downs in Kent. From this crop, we produce our wildflower mixtures which are selected to foster habitat creation for a range of wildlife including butterflies and bees, and they are all created with UK native wildflower species.

Please call us to place an order.

Grain Storage & Processing

Our Whitehill plant offers bulk storage options ranging from 50t to 2000t with drying and cleaning facilities and an on-site weighbridge. We also offer mobile grain and seed cleaning throughout the South East and can process wheat at 14tonnes per hour.

If you need to improve quality, specific weight, Hagberg, or admixture removal please call us to discuss how our machines can meet your needs.

Human Consumption Beans

In order to meet the needs of the northern African market for UK grown Faba Beans, we are looking for new crop contracts.

Even if your beans have suffered from Bruchid damage, we may be able to sort and remove up to 40% of holed and stained beans.

Contact Fred Denne for more information about our cleaning and bulk processing capabilities.

Certified & Farm Saved Seed

We offer a full range of certified combinable spring and winter seeds, and via our fleet of three mobile seed cleaners, also offer a farm-saved seed option.

Both the certified and mobile plants can apply a range of seed treatments to ensure your crop is protected.

Please call us on 01233 720 871 to discuss your seed requirements.

Grass Seed Growers

We are pleased to announce that our state of art grass seed plant, which will triple our processing and packing capacity, will open in August 2020.

In partnership with a number of international breeders, we are looking to increase our acreage of herbage and grass seed production in Kent. Contact us to discuss the merits of growing grass for seed as part of your rotation.

Mobile Seed Cleaning

Our fleet of three mobile seed cleaners are all operated by trained and experienced professionals and able to service the Kent agricultural community. The machines can process all combinable crops and have gravity separators as standard.

With our chemical applicators, we are able to apply up to three separate treatments to a single load. Contact Fred Denne to discuss your requirements.

Increasing Productivity and Sustainability in UK Viticulture

T Denne & Sons is participating in a feasibility study which aims to increase productivity and sustainability in UK viticulture.

The research work, led by NIAB both at its East Malling Research Vineyard and on commercial sites, will investigate the potential impact of groundcover management practices on soil health, yields, juice quality and emissions.

Visit vinescapes.com for more information.

Containerised Storage Avaliable

20ft containers available for rent at our Mersham site,
please contact 01233 720871 for more details

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