Agricultural Seed Supply & Processing

As suppliers and processors of agricultural seeds we understand the needs of each individual grower and work with them to select the best varieties for their situation. In addition to this we look to place contracts for seed production with growers of a wide range of species and grades.

Our team work with individual farmers to incorporate seed production within their rotation; this can take the form of cereals, pulses, oil seeds, specialist brassicas, and herbage. Providing this kind of specialist insight assists growers in maximising premium potential throughout their rotation.

Certified & Farm Saved Seeds

We are involved in the production, multiplication, and processing of the seed we sell. As such we are able to deliver the highest standard of quality seed to all our customers. We also control the distribution of the seed we sell, which means that we have managed and cared for the product for approximately 14 months before it reaches your farm.

 Furthermore, we are always looking for new growers, should you be interested in growing seed for us, then we would be happy to speak to you. Please contact Andrew Bourne to discuss further.

We understand that saving and growing your own seed is a cost-effective way to establish a crop. We are able to help from the earliest stage by organising germination testing at our on-site lab at our Mersham plant. When you are ready for your seed to be cleaned and dressed we can organise for one of three mobile seed cleaners to come to your farm and clean and dress your seed. All our mobiles are fitted with Crown Gravity Separators and chemical treaters where we can apply up to three treatments at once.

Our team are all trained and able to undertake thousand-grain weights to ensure you receive the correct amount of seed packed in either half or tonne bags. Once completed, our office can manage royalty collections to ensure that you receive just one invoice for the service.

For full details of the varieties we currently recommend, please review our combinable seeds brochure.

Proseed Buying Group

We are one of ten independent and privately owned seed merchants that form the Proseed Group. The Group has a geographical covering stretching from the Channel in the south to the Tweed in the north, with eight seed treatment plants between us. We have a proven track record which puts us in a strong position to negotiate with UK and European plant breeders and seed treatment manufacturers.

Grass Seed

We are pleased to announce that our state of art grass seed plant, which will triple our processing and packing capacity, will open at our White Hill plant in August 2020. Contact us to discuss the merits of growing grass for seed as part of your arable rotation.

Grass Seed Production

In partnership with a number of international breeders, we are looking to increase our acreage of herbage and grass seed production in Kent. If you are a farmer and growing seed is of interest then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We offer full agronomic support to all our growers and can talk you through the financial benefits of being a seed grower. There are a range of species and varieties that we are looking to expand, and as such joining our grower program may enhance your current farming system.

In addition to new/current varieties, we are also the sole maintainer of Kent indigenous perennial ryegrass which is unique to the region and known for its durability and range of applications.

Amenity and Agricultural Mixes

Our grass seed range offers a wide selection of both amenity and agricultural mixtures and straights from golf greens to high output silage leys. We provide advice and tailor bespoke mixes to fit specific situations and specialised uses, including equine-friendly blends.

Where possible, we aim to include a high percentage of locally grown grass seed in our mixtures which helps us maintain a high level of quality.

For full details please review our grass seed catalogue.

Cover Crops and Environmental Seed Mixes

Soil Health

We stock a comprehensive range of soil health plant species that have been selected on their proven agronomic merit. We also provide bespoke mixtures designed by our in-house agronomist who analyses test data from trial work to create mixtures that won’t interfere with subsequent crops in a rotation.


Having an in-depth understanding of agricultural environmental schemes and requirements, we offer standard and bespoke mixtures to meet EFA/Stewardship requirements ranging from wildflowers to wild bird seed strips.

Please call 01233 720871 to discuss your requirements.

Game Cover

We are able to offer a range of mixtures and straights, or create bespoke mixes with an understanding of your chosen site selection and shoot requirements.

Please call 01233 720871 or email us for further details.

Forage Crops

In addition to grass mixtures, we offer a range of high quality and high output maize and forage cereals suitable for anaerobic digestion or animal nutrition. We also provide a wide variety of forage brassicas such as stubble turnips, fodder rape, kale, and root crops such as fodder beet.

For details of our full range of forage crops please contact Andrew Bourne on 01233 720871.

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