SFI23 - Sustainable Farming Incentive

Seed mixtures for SFI actions AHL1, AHL2, IPM2, SAM3, and NUM3 are available below. For the AHL4, NUM2, and AHL3 actions please contact us for further guidance.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable team to discuss SFI Seed Mix options for your preferred choice of the 23 actions laid out in the new ‘pick and mix’ SFI structure.

Buy SFI AHL1: Pollen and Nectar Flower Mix

These seed mixtures are designed to establish flower-rich blocks or strips of pollen and nectar-rich flowering legumes.

Buy SFI AHL2: Winter Bird Food on Arable and Horticultural Land

These seed mixtures are designed to produce a supply of small seeds from late autumn until winter for smaller farmland birds.

Buy SFI IPM2: Flower Rich Grass Margins, Blocks, or In-Field Strips

These seed mixtures are designed to establish grass margins, blocks or in-field strips containing flowering plants during the summer months and into early autumn.

Buy SFI SAM3: Herbal Leys

These seed mixtures provide varied root structures which help improve and maintain the soil’s structure, carbon, biology, and fertility.

Buy SFI NUM3: Legume Fallow

These seed mixtures aid nutrient management in soil by establishing legume fallow which produces areas of flowering plants from late spring and during the summer months.

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