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Grain Marketing

We are active buyers of all combinable crops. Using our processing facilities at Whitehill and Mersham we are able to process bulk grains to meet specialist end user contracts regionally. All cereals and linseed are in demand.

In addition, we work closely with end users trading all feed quality and premium samples.


We remain heavily involved in trading and processing beans for the North African Human Consumption market. With buyers increasingly demanding of quality we have invested heavily in specialist equipment to meet the high contract standards required.

All of our produce is packed into containers and shipped to North Africa from Whitehill, avoiding the riskier option of sending beans ex farm to ports some distance away with increased chance of quality claims or rejection to feed.

 To discuss grain or bean marketing please call or contact either patgoode@tdenneandsons.co.uk or andrewkeir@tdenneandsons.co.uk.